About Us

Our Story

In 1927, in Lourosa, Santa Maria da Feira, Edmundo Alves Ferreira, an expert in cork oak and its applications, founded Edmundo Alves Ferreira Cortiças, Lda.

After almost 80 years, the company stands out for its tradition and innovation. From generation to generation, now in the hands of the founder's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Edmundo Alves Ferreira Cortiças, Lda. is a reference in the national and international market, establishing itself as a specialist in the manufacture of cork stoppers and developing its activity according to the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices.

We select quality raw material in order to guarantee an excellent bottling. This process, more than twenty centuries old, is the best known application of cork. Working with glass and cork, two materials which do not compromise the planet's sustainable development, allows us to pass on to the next generations a better environment.

For 8 decades, we have been proud of the work and dedication concentrated in each cork stopper from cork harvesting to bottling. It is a pleasure for us every time you open a bottle with a cork from Edmundo Alves Ferreira, Cortiças, Lda.